Shared insights on the growing utilization of medical device data analytics


Leveraging Medical Device Data in Analytics

The Power and Potential of a Medical Device Information System

Every second medical devices generate huge amounts of actionable, timely information about both patients and the devices themselves—data that can have significant clinical and operational impact if they can be captured, normalized, tailored and disseminated to the many analytical applications that need them. Yet these data that can make a difference in both patient care and the efficiency of a hospital’s medical device infrastructure are often lost or underutilized in the vast ocean of healthcare data.


The six-page paper examines the importance of analytics in modern healthcare, the value of medical device data to analytics and specific applications where it is already helping make a difference in the quality and efficiency of care. And it can be read in less time than it takes for a 11 minute coffee break!

Inside you will discover:

  • What are four analytic data types; Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive - Page 3
  • Why device data analytics requires more than a functional pipeline to one downstream application, rather a system to optimize the use of data for a variety of purposes - Page 3
  • How operational data about the medical devices themselves can be used to optimize the performance and management of your medical device infrastructure- Page 4
  • How medical device data can be used to improve vital signs practice and documentation compliancePage 4
  • How hospitals are using analytics to better balance nursing workload to enhance job satisfaction and efficiency - Page 5

You should read this if…

  • Your organization wants use to analytics to better balance nursing workload to enhance job satisfaction and efficiency - Page 5
  • You are researching where medical device data can go (beyond just patient data) to support the devices themselves to be fully operational, adjusted to the correct settings and allocated appropriately to maximize utilization - Page 4

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