Patient Centric Connectivity

Patient Centric Connectivity White Paper

White Paper - The Importance of Patient-to-Device Association

Since their inception, clinical documentation applications such as electronic medical records (EMRs) have relied on data tagged with a location‐based identifier. However, the 2011 Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goal of identifying patients, not just their assumed location, now makes patient identification an even more essential component of device connectivity solutions.

The new patient-centric model model requires that all devices are linked to the patient, not just their room number or bed. This shift will lead to changes in clinical workflow, requiring more steps to ensure P2D association. With demands on clinical time growing, it’s important to assess the most effective solution for patient-to-device identification.

Learn about the current methods of patient ID:

  • Manual
  • Barcode assisted
  • Auto-sensing passive radio frequency identification (RFID)