Shared insights on device convergence and its impact on patient care.


Healthcare Technology Consolidation

Device Convergence Benefiting Patient Care and Hospital Efficiency


The six-page paper looks at the opportunity for hospitals to strategically consolidate elements of their technology infrastructure by deploying a new breed of "converged" medical devices that mimic the multi-functionality of today’s consumer electronics. The discussion justifies the consideration of such convergence, outlines the enabling factors and describes the expected benefits for clinicians, hospitals and patients. In addition, the paper shares evaluation criteria that can be applied broadly to numerous categories of devices.

Inside you will discover:

  • Beyond advances in engineering, four factors driving the trend towards device convergence
  • Five key benefits of how converging device technology can reduce a clinician’s interaction with machines and focus on caring for patients and their families
  • Five criteria for evaluating converged medical devices

You should read this if…

  • Your organization is evaluating the integration of multi-functional medical devices or is in the process of reconfiguring space inside your hospital;
  • You are researching innovative methods to reduce cost structures by eliminating duplicated infrastructure and consolidating multiple devices onto a single platform;
  • You are seeking solutions to diminish clinicians time spent dealing with technology and expand the time available for patient engagement.

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