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MDIS Whitepaper Cover


Harnessing the POWER of Medical Device Data:

Introducing the Medicial Device Information System


The six-page paper provides a quick introduction to a Medical Device Information System: the challenges it can solve and, most important, the wide array of applications and complementary systems to which it can deliver medical device data, helping to improve patient care delivery.

Inside you will discover:

  • Five requirements for a Medical Device Information System
  • Four barriers to enterprise-wide device data communication
  • Four applications beyond the EMR/EHR to which a Medical Device Information System can intelligently feed data to support clinical effectiveness and operational efficiency
  • PLUS - a helpful Medical Devices and Device Data Type chart

You should read this if…

  • Bedside applications could help you or your team’s clinical productivity through consolidated workflows, mobility, and clinical decision support;
  • It’s important that your hospital’s medical devices are operating optimally, and data is seamlessly integrating and flowing to the right downstream systems; or
  • Your enterprise is looking to improve clinical and operational decision-making through retrospective analysis, or realize cost savings by either consolidating vendor technologies or maintaining existing technology and legacy medical devices.


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