Expanding Medical Device Integration to Med-Surg

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Patient Care, Safety  and Workflows Webinar

Presenter: Susan Niemeier, MHA RN

Date: August 27, 2014

Medical device integration has been used in higher acuity areas, such as intensive care units and OR, for many years. While best practices for device integration are understood in higher acuity areas, the devices and clinical workflow requirements are substantially different in lower acuity, med-surg units. But is it any less important in lower acuity areas?

In non-critical care environments, such as med-surg, nurses or nurse technicians round on the patients, measure vital signs and manually record the patient’s vitals on paper. After all patient vitals have been collected (and when the clinician has time), they then enter the vitals into the patient’s record. This process is prone to documentation delays, errors and omissions – all of which compromise efficiency and the quality of patient care.  The growing number of acutely ill patients in med-surg and the need to monitor these patients further compounds the problem.


  1. Provide a practical overview of the clinical and workflow requirements in lower acuity environments such as med-surg
  2. Explore types of device integration in med-surg environments
  3. Describe the benefits of integration in med-surg, linking to nursing efficiency and the safe delivery of care