Enterprise Device Connectivity: Managing Bedside and Device Information Across the Enterprise


White Paper

Medical Device Connectivity is a technology that is proven to save nursing time, reduce transcription errors, and allow nurses to spend more time on direct patient care activities. Yet for years device integration has been limited to high acuity environments such as critical care.

However, the hospital landscape is dramatically changing. The government has mandated that electronic health records are a necessity and patient safety is a top priority of all hospitals. So, the need for device integration across the enterprise, to all care areas, is more necessary than ever before.

Key Features of Medical Device Connectivity:

  • Vendor neutral design that connects any medical device to any information system
  • Innovative platform that adapts to meet the needs of high and low acuity environments
  • Adaptable patient-to-device association methods to match established clinical work processes
  • Operates in wired or wireless environments for easier deployment
  • Field upgradeable for flexibility and scalability and for easy addition of future solutions