Unlock the POWER of your Medical Device Data with Capsule’s SmartLinx IQ Analytics



This 3-minute video discusses how SmartLinx IQ can turn volumes of patient data into actionable information. IQ, Capsule’s SmartLinx Medical Device Information System(tm) analytics application, taps into the data generated by an organization’s medical devices, couples it with other contextual information and presents it in a series of meaningful formats that support an array of decision making scenarios.

Realize the potential of this untapped resource to help:

  • Make informed clinical decisions
  • Optimize clinical workflows
  • Improve patient care

You should watch this if…

  • You want to balance the deployment of your medical devices accross care units
  • You wish to receive notifications from your devices to proactively address any issues
  • You look to view the timeliness and completeness of vitals capture to better balance nurse workload 

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