Qualcomm Life Capsule IQ DEMO

See how data-driven insights can improve care management and operational efficiencies across the hospital enterprise.

This interactive demo shows you how Capsule IQ can benefit your health system’s clinical engineers, IT system administrators and clinicians. Click through at your own pace and explore how our solutions optimize device utilization, maximize uptime, support clinical initiatives and inform care decisions. 

Discover how Capsule IQ can help:

  • Optimize medical device management enterprise-wide
  • Proactively manage your entire fleet
  • Support alarm, documentation and protocol compliance
  • Provide insights into clinical operations that inform quality improvement, safety and compliance initiatives

 Who should test-drive this:

  • Clinical engineers looking to balance device utilization and deployment
  • IT system administrators who want to quickly and easily identify and resolve their connectivity infrastructure
  • Clinical leadership focused on improving patient safety, quality and compliance
  • Anyone invested in raising care and connectivity standards in their organization


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