Defining the Return on Investment of Medical Device Integration in Med-Surg

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Patient Care, Safety  and Workflows Webinar

UAMS Presenter: Amy Hester PhD(c), BSN, RN, BC

Capsule Presenter: Susan Niemeier, MHA, RN

Date: September 9, 2014

Go beyond nursing efficiency and safe delivery of care and realize the financial benefit of device integration in the med-surg environment.

Amy Hester, BSN, RN, BC, from the University of Arkansas for Medical Services (UAMS) embarked upon a device integration project and achieved a return on investment far greater than anticipated.


  1. Learn about device integration in lower acuity care environments.
  2. Describe the financial and logistical benefits of device integration in med-surg.
  3. Hear examples that help justify device integration expansion into med-surg.


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