Mission Critical: Compatibility of Device Data with Hospital Information Systems

Compatibility of Device Data with Hospital Information Systems White Paper

White Paper

Imagine patient data speeding from bedside medical devices over the hospital network directly into your electronic medical record (EMR) and other clinical information systems. Consider the efficiencies as device data auto-populates each field, exactly where they need to be.

Picture the satisfaction of caregivers as they abandon pens, clipboards and manual data recording — not to mention the repetitive process of manually re-keying data into an information system. And, of course, patients who can be assured that clinicians have the most accurate and up-to-date records upon which to make care decisions.

In this white paper, you will learn that as healthcare delivery moves beyond the four walls of hospitals and into remote venues, real-time accessibility  to medical device data becomes a vital tool for clinicians. And that true medical device interoperability is the ideal solution to moving data from these systems to hospital information systems.